Say Yes To A Better Life by Annelie Holmene Palaez

Say Yes to A Better Life An Introduction to Health Literacy & Meditation

By Annelie Holmene Pelaez

There is a strong link between lack of health literacy and poor health. Disease and premature deaths are evidence of that. Dying too early and unnecessarily from cardiovascular disease (CVD) is devastating. CVD is a thief that steals the quality and quantity of human lives. This vicious robber is sneaky and insidious and is responsible in the United States for one death every 40 seconds.

Learning basic health literacy and meditation is empowering and will increase your capacity for growth and self-reliance at all human levels. It will transform your life.

SAY YES TO A BETTER LIFE isn't written from the perspective of a ponderous medical researcher or a pontificating health and lifestyle coach but rather from the breezy view of a caring intensive-care nurse and meditation coach. As Annelie recounts her years-long experiences with both recovering and dying medical patients, she arrives at a clear understanding that a mindfulness nurtured by meditation and health literacy is the key to sustaining a healthy, self-actualized life, as well as inner peace and confidence.

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An utterly appealing and easy-to-read guide to healthy living. Annelie makes you feel as if she's right by your side – knowing your struggles because she's been there, and nudging you as your kindest friend might to stay on track. Her view of meditation and mindfulness as critical components to negotiate both life and death is an invaluable addition to the movement toward living healthier lives in America.

- JEFF OURVAN, author of The Star Spangled Buddhist